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Vautha Mela is reputed as the most colorful festival in Gujarat. The fair has both mythological and religious associations and is considered at par with the Pushkar Fair in terms of entertainment and frolicking. However, the animals traded here are donkeys. About 4000-5000 donkeys are brought every year for sale, usually by Vanjara (Gypsy) traders. Every year fair attracts a considerable number of people from across India.

The Vautha Mela site is 3 square miles in area. The site, also known as Saptasangam, is at the confluence of seven rivers. During the fair the whole site comes alive with the beats of traditional musical instruments, tribes dressed in colorful attires and breathtaking performances by the jugglers.

Location: Vautha, a place where two rivers Sabarmati and Vatrak meet.

Vautha Mela is one of the largest rural fairs organized in Gujarat. The Vautha Mela of Gujarat holds both mythological and economical importance. Vautha Mela is organized every year in the month of Kartik as per Hindu calendar which coincides with the month of November as per the English calendar.

Vautha Mela at Gujarat is organized near the concourse of seven rivers and is named after Vautha, the place where the two rivers Sabarmati and Vatrak merge. Though the Vautha village is small and consists a population of around 2000 people, during the Vautha Mela, the population of Vautha rises to 2,00,000.

As per the mythology, Lord Kartik, the son of Lord Shiva had visited this place, this is why the Vautha Mela in Gujarat is organized every year. The Vautha Mela starts from the full moon night in November which is the month of Lord Kartik. The place where the Vautha Mela is set up is also the homeland of the seven sages. So religiously also, this place is very significant.

Commercially, Vautha Mela of Gujarat is very important for it is the largest animal trading fair of Gujarat. Every year around 4000 to 5000 donkeys are sold here by the Vanjara tribes of Gujarat. Another important feature of Vautha Mela at Gujarat is the fact that it is organized in an area of 3 square miles.

Vautha Mela has been a great tourist spot which has attracted thousands of tourists, both national and international, every year. Do not miss the chance to explore the rural Gujarat!

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